Could it be?

Only 2 months since we changed our relationship status on facebook (and if facebook says so, it must be true).  It feels like longer, maybe because we spend so much time in each other’s company, maybe because you feel like an extension of me.  Anyhow, it has been 2 months today.

And this morning I forgot, you did too.  So I posted a facebook status about the 2 months and maybe I said too much there.  Too much about forever.  And then you only liked it, no comment.  I know, I know, you’re busy moving house, your geyser burst, your daughter is giving you hell.  And then you commented on something else I posted.  And I started thinking (which is never a good thing, because I over-think, over-analyze and then come to the wrong conclusions) about us.  You never actually asked me to be in a relationship, things just happened.  And even though we have started speaking about long term plans to move to the Karoo, maybe you don’t want that anymore and just don’t want to tell me.  So I made a scene, deleted the post, was bitchy to you.  And all this because you only liked the post.  You tried to explain that you posted a comment, but at that stage I didn’t want to hear it.

Shit this social media thing is complicated, when we communicate face to face I always know you love me.  So I’m sorry for being stupid and emotional and stupid.  And happy two months.

Long may it last


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