Someone on one of the singles groups asked the following question today: Is it cheating when you chat with another person of the opposite sex, whilst in a relationship?  And someone else posted a link to an extremely interesting website/blog

Seeing as this blog is all in Afrikaans, here are some of the things he says:

A cyber relationship is 10x more dangerous than an addiction to porn.  Why?  The chances of you ever having real sex with a porn star is zero, whilst chatting online can lead to the real thing.  But we are only chatting…. Yes you’re chatting and getting to know each other, isn’t that what you’ve done with your partner before a relationship started?  But we talk a lot about our spouses/partners…. If you’re not talking to a therapist about the things that bothers you about your partner, you’re either looking for attention or looking for a fixer.  Before the internet, affairs happened with people you know, work-colleagues, friends, casual acquaintances, but today the possibilities are limitless.  Cyber-space has provided us with an affair-buffet.

In another article he is saying that Social media is the new mistress(skelmpie) in each relationship.  Ethical behaviour has changed with the introduction of social media and each relationship needs rules around the rules that are acceptable to you and your partner regarding the usage and interaction (especially with the opposite sex) on social media.

I’m now definitely following this blog.  This man and his wife runs the blog posts together and has some practical everyday advise.

3 thoughts on “Affair?

  1. Die ras is groener want die mis le dikker daar, as jy meer met n ander persoon as met jou eie man/vrou praat is jy beslis besig om akkies aan te jaag… as daai persoon nie by JULLE kan kuier en met JULLE kan gesels nie, hoekom alleen, one on one funny gesprekkies met die persoon aanknoop, jy soek mos vir nonsense.


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