I love you more….

You often ask me the question “Why do you love me?” and I very seldom have an answer that makes any sense, to myself, or to you.  I just know I do.  The strangest thing about this love is that I know you love me too.  I’ve often asked myself the question too and even more so, how is it possible to love you more as every day passes.  Surely by now there should have been some things about you that I don’t like.  And strangely, there is, but I love you still.  Even the small things I don’t like just can’t overshadow the overwhelming sense of belonging I feel with you.  The incredible feeling of peace I have in my heart when I’m with you.  The urge to share anything and everything with you, before with anyone else in this world.

I really think that I had no idea the meaning of true love before I met you.  I didn’t know the meaning of the poems and the love songs.  I just had no idea.

Would I have recognised this love when I was younger?  I don’t think I would have.  Only with a little bit of age, maturity and lots of lessons learnt is it possible to finally see it, appreciate it, feel it.

Yesterday the bike spit me off at 80 km/h.  Today I’m sore and stiff, but it could’ve been so much worse.  A few bruises and aches and pains are the only physical evidence of the accident.  Thank goodness you were there, to calm me down, to check the bike, to make me act brave and get on the bike, otherwise I would probably never ride the bike again and I like riding the bike.  I struggled to sleep yesterday evening, not only were you not next to me, I also saw the accident every time I closed my eyes.  I think it is my mind trying to reconstruct the thing in order to deal with it.  The only way I could finally fall to sleep is by actively thinking about you, about us.  Our future in the Karoo, together every day.  Working side-by-side, living smaller and loving larger.  I’m so glad for you in my life, my friend, my partner, my lover.  You complete me in ways that I never thought needed completeness.

I love you more every day.

Long may it last”

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