Road trip day 7: Kasane- River view lodge

Woke up with a headache today, really glad we’ve decided to take it slow today rather than to drive through Chobe National Park. We caught up on some emails and WhatsApp’s after breakfast, then took a little drive to find Grim’s buffalo.

We drove into Chobe National Park, kept on the tar for a while and then turned onto a narrow dirt road. We drove and drove and didn’t see a thing. We saw more animals in town than in the park.

Warthog mom and babies in town:

Grim said we’re turning around at the next tree stump and right there, 50m on, a herd of buffalo probably between 200 and 300 big. They would lift their heads, wiggle their noses and then decide we’re not interesting at all, so they continue eating.

The afternoon was spent going on a boat trip on the Chobe river. We saw lots of hippos, elephants, birds and a few crocs.

After 3 hours of cruising up and down the river, we came back to the lodge. As my headache returned in full force, my Grim tucked me into bed straight after dinner. Sweet considerate man, who I fall in love with a little more as each day passes.

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