Road trip day 6: Kasane – River view lodge

We packed up early to start our 280km trip to Kasane. This time we traveled on a tar road. Saw herds of elephants along the route with lush green trees all along the way. The last 20km we traveled on Hunters road which goes right along the Botswana Zimbabwe border. We were looking for buffalo but didn’t encounter any. Only a buffalo skull on an ant heap.

We then went to the ferry crossing into Zambia. The mighty Zambezi divides 4 countries. Interesting how those big trucks cross here, only 50 a day at the moment. They are busy building a bridge at this crossing, only the 5th ever to be built over the Zambezi, this will make a huge difference to this border post. Currently trucks waiting to cross for 10km and at least 5 days.

We arrived at African river view lodge at 13h30, an oasis right on the Chobe river. We unpacked quickly and jumped into the pool. Then we went for drinks at Chobe Safari lodge.

Today it became real, Grim heard that the new house he is buying is finalized. This means an end to an era for him, moving out of the house his partner and him designed and built together. Today was also an end for me, realizing that I’ve wasted so much time, energy and emotion on a boy that would never grow up. Just around the corner this man was waiting for me, to show me how a partnership should be, how love should be. Maybe the tears I saw in his sweet blue eyes made mine teary too. Today it became real.

2 thoughts on “Road trip day 6: Kasane – River view lodge

  1. Ek is so bly oor al jou ervaringe en nuwe lewe! Reis veilig – hou mekaar naby. Dankie ook vir die deel van jou reisbeelde! Ek sit koeltjies in my skryfden en ry lekker saam. Groetnis en seënwense in triplikaat. Mwah!

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  2. Het iemand die buffel se skedel op ‘n miershoop neergesit? Het die miere hulle hoop begin bou onder die buffel se skedel? Het die miere die buffel opgevreet tot net sy skedel oorgebly het? Is dit ‘n spookstorie? Koue rillings!


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