Road trip day 5: Elephant Sands

Yesterday evening I almost walked into an elephant when going onto the stoep to smoke. I’m not sure who had the bigger fright. Today woke up to a bright day with the grey ones still drinking water. We decided to drive out to the pans today.

Vast open spaces where it is so quiet you can hear the blood flowing through your veins. The only road going in is a narrow dirt road. Grim told me that they used to put the 4×4 into low range and then sit on the roof as the car would steer itself along the track. Lucky we didn’t try that today. Lucky too that he is an excellent driver, even though I had to close my eyes a few times

Further along the road we found a massive boabab tree

We talked so much we didn’t realize how far we drove. Can’t believe we still have so much to talk about after 5 days.

When we got back to the lodge we saw more elephants. The run to the water, I suppose because they are excited about water, but also because they have to make a statement. One big boy approached more slowly and immediately got into a bit of a fight with one of the others. When he approached from the other side, he was allowed to drink. Sometimes in life we also need to approach from another side to make things work.

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