Road trip day 7: Kasane- River view lodge

Woke up with a headache today, really glad we’ve decided to take it slow today rather than to drive through Chobe National Park. We caught up on some emails and WhatsApp’s after breakfast, then took a little drive to find Grim’s buffalo.

We drove into Chobe National Park, kept on the tar for a while and then turned onto a narrow dirt road. We drove and drove and didn’t see a thing. We saw more animals in town than in the park.

Warthog mom and babies in town:

Grim said we’re turning around at the next tree stump and right there, 50m on, a herd of buffalo probably between 200 and 300 big. They would lift their heads, wiggle their noses and then decide we’re not interesting at all, so they continue eating.

The afternoon was spent going on a boat trip on the Chobe river. We saw lots of hippos, elephants, birds and a few crocs.

After 3 hours of cruising up and down the river, we came back to the lodge. As my headache returned in full force, my Grim tucked me into bed straight after dinner. Sweet considerate man, who I fall in love with a little more as each day passes.

Road trip day 6: Kasane – River view lodge

We packed up early to start our 280km trip to Kasane. This time we traveled on a tar road. Saw herds of elephants along the route with lush green trees all along the way. The last 20km we traveled on Hunters road which goes right along the Botswana Zimbabwe border. We were looking for buffalo but didn’t encounter any. Only a buffalo skull on an ant heap.

We then went to the ferry crossing into Zambia. The mighty Zambezi divides 4 countries. Interesting how those big trucks cross here, only 50 a day at the moment. They are busy building a bridge at this crossing, only the 5th ever to be built over the Zambezi, this will make a huge difference to this border post. Currently trucks waiting to cross for 10km and at least 5 days.

We arrived at African river view lodge at 13h30, an oasis right on the Chobe river. We unpacked quickly and jumped into the pool. Then we went for drinks at Chobe Safari lodge.

Today it became real, Grim heard that the new house he is buying is finalized. This means an end to an era for him, moving out of the house his partner and him designed and built together. Today was also an end for me, realizing that I’ve wasted so much time, energy and emotion on a boy that would never grow up. Just around the corner this man was waiting for me, to show me how a partnership should be, how love should be. Maybe the tears I saw in his sweet blue eyes made mine teary too. Today it became real.

Road trip day 5: Elephant Sands

Yesterday evening I almost walked into an elephant when going onto the stoep to smoke. I’m not sure who had the bigger fright. Today woke up to a bright day with the grey ones still drinking water. We decided to drive out to the pans today.

Vast open spaces where it is so quiet you can hear the blood flowing through your veins. The only road going in is a narrow dirt road. Grim told me that they used to put the 4×4 into low range and then sit on the roof as the car would steer itself along the track. Lucky we didn’t try that today. Lucky too that he is an excellent driver, even though I had to close my eyes a few times

Further along the road we found a massive boabab tree

We talked so much we didn’t realize how far we drove. Can’t believe we still have so much to talk about after 5 days.

When we got back to the lodge we saw more elephants. The run to the water, I suppose because they are excited about water, but also because they have to make a statement. One big boy approached more slowly and immediately got into a bit of a fight with one of the others. When he approached from the other side, he was allowed to drink. Sometimes in life we also need to approach from another side to make things work.

Road trip day 4: Nata-Elephant Sands

Today we are traveling more than 500 km to reach the North Eastern side of Botswana. And of course Grim chooses the road less traveled. Which means more than 200km travelled on gravel road. Gravel is great for avoiding cops and big trucks and our average speed probably was better than on any tar road, even though I had to close my eyes and hope for the best a few times.

We stopped at Dikgathong dam for a quick drink (39 degrees), then travelled onwards to Francistown, then Nata. We arrived at Elephant Sands at about 17h00. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were 3 wild elephants drinking from the muddy waterhole. My favorite animal in the world, so close.

We probably sat watching the elephants drinking water, pushing each other out the way and veering for dominance for 2 hours. I forgot to smoke. They walk without a care in the world amongst the chalets, humans don’t seem to affect their care free existence at all.

Road trip day 3: Tuli block – African river ranch

Day 2 here, we’re still the only campers around. We woke up fairly early, had breakfast and then went for an impromptu walk. I saw some kind of buck and we had to follow it, camera in hand. Of course we didn’t see it again, but we walked along the river. We saw a few big baboons and some birds. Nature truly unspoiled and ours for the day.

We got to a kind of bridge, Grim called it a weir, he wanted to cross, but I’m so afraid of heights, I immediately got nauseous and dizzy, so we turned around. Ever the gentleman he offered his arm for me to get down and for once I didn’t object.

Back at camp, we carried the bed out under the trees, had a little nap. We are just so comfortable with each other, even the silences are not a problem for us. Strange how I always felt the need to “do something”, but here I could finally relax, be my boring self and still be loved.

This time we didn’t stay up till all hours, had a simple meal and went to bed. Relaxed

Road trip day 2: Tuli block – Africa river ranch

Arriving with a bang, handbrake turn and all, to the most peaceful camping site on the banks of the Limpopo river. Setting up camp took half the time than it did on Friday, so soon we will be able to do this in 10 minutes flat.

As we’re the only campers here, we could theoretically walk around naked without anyone caring, but we made a nice fire instead. Grim impressed his goose with his ability to braai and Goose made potato spuds (a skill picked up from years of working at the Spur). So after dinner we sat down and talked.

Talked about the past, present and the future. I always tone down my experience with X to digestible pieces, but talked more openly about the whole bisexuality thing than before. Grim told me about last year this time, his mom on her deathbed with cancer, his sister being sent to rehab and his partners fight against her own cancer. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to know your partner is losing the fight, but still hoping for a miracle. He is such a gentle man, with such a “bad boy” mask. The masks we put up for the rest of the world’s benefit, tears us up in the end.

Then we saw a firefly, which reminded me that there’s light, there’s hope. Life together. Our past is exactly that, we don’t have tomorrow yet, but today, today there’s light, love and hope. And baboons fighting, hippos grunting and blissful sleep.

Road trip day 1: Matamba Bush Campsite

After not wanting to supply the packing list(because no such thing existed), we camped without any major incident. Well maybe only one…..

Grim is many things, but patient he is not, especially driving. The turn-off to Modimole consists of 2 lanes, in any case that is what the road markings say, so we squeezed past a stationary taxi, into the right lane. But when we passed the toll booth, the lane was blocked with orange cones. The logical option would be to move the cones, but not Grim, no we drive over them. 10km further he remarks that something doesn’t sound right. It took 2 people to dislodge the cone from the wheel.

We arrived at the bush camp, put up the tent without screaming at each other too loudly, then had a lekker braai and kuier with Grim’s buddy and his wife. Amazing the tranquility of the bush, the sound of Xmas beatles and the sight of a fire. We talked till late, well all the fresh air had us in bed by 22h00.

What a rustic place, I especially enjoyed the bush toilet. You can see the stars, it feels as if you could pluck them from the clear night skies, all while sitting on the throne.

Great start to our adventure. Botswana Thule block next

Blogachino adventures

We were on our way from Centurion to meet up with the fellow bloggers.  Grim and Goose on adventure again.  And as per usual we had fun along the way.  I suspect both of us are “drivers” or in another term “choleric”, which means we both want to be in charge.  Haha, I never take a bet if I even suspect I could lose, so the direction of Harties from Centurion was one such bet, which I didn’t lose.  More about that later….

A handful of us, from young to old, long married, new in a relationship, quiet, loud.  Only a handful, but so different., yet all the same.  People who write.  Write about every day things, write about their pain, their joys, their lives.  It genuinely felt as if we knew each other.  We laughed so much.  We asked so many questions, some which were carefully avoided by the only gentleman blogger there.

Tannie Frannie, such a gentle soul, with a glint in her eye, which made me suspect she can be a real stoutgat.  Woestynkind, ready with a laugh at a moment’s notice.  Una, the mother of the lot, can’t see any wrong in any person.  Poerdez, just as outspoken in real life as on her blog and then Storieklong, quiet in real life, ever the enigma.  To see the people behind the blogs was such a treat.

And then it was over.  Hours flew by in a blink of an eye.

Toe staan die wêreld stil (Then the world stood still)

I wanted to translate this song for you, so that when you hear it, you know the meaning of the words

As jy kyk draai ek weg When you look, I turn away
Maar wanneer jy weg kyk, Staar ek na jou But when you turn, I stare at you
Want jy’s net so perfek, ek verdwaal in jou Because you’re so perfect, I get lost in you
En droom hoe jy my eendag in jou arms hou And dream about how you one day will hold me in your arms
Jy kom nader gestap, ek moet twee keer my oë knip You walk closer, I have to blink twice
Want jy kyk na my En jou glimlag verhelder Because you look at me and your smile brightens
Jy staan voor my Voel n kol hier op my maag You stand before me, I feel my stomach turn
Toe jy se, hello jy…hello jy Then you said Hello you, hello you
Toe staan die wereld stil Then the world stood still
Kannie praat nie maar ek wil I couldn’t talk even though I wanted to
Ek sien net jou lippe dit breek die stilte I see only your lips, it breaks the silence
Want my hart wil nie ophou klop Because my heart is beating too fast
Kannie hoor wat jy wil se I can’t hear what you want to say
Ek sien my in jou arms le I see me lying in your arms
As jy diep in my oe kyk When you look deep into my eyes
En die prentjie so mooi lyk And the picture looks so perfect
Wens ek die tyd kan stop I wish time could stop
Toe staan die wereld stil Then the world stood still
Ek het nooit geglo in liefde met een kyk I never believed in love at first sight
Maar my asem is weg You took my breath away
Dis daar in jou hande It’s there in your hands
Hoe kry jy dit reg How do you do it?
Dat ek alles sal verloor om net vir jou te veg That I would lose all to fight for you
Daar kom ‘n dag waar liefde verenig There comes a day where love unites
En ek dink dis nou And I think it’s now
Wat tot bo in die hemel, als oop gevou Up to heaven all is opened
Ek skryf dit op my hart I write it on my heart
Want dit behoort aan jou, behoort aan jou Because it belongs to you, belongs to you
Toe staan die wereld stil Then the world stood still
Kannie praat nie maar ek wil I couldn’t talk even though I wanted to
Ek sien net jou lippe dit breek die stilte I see only your lips, it breaks the silence
Want my hart wil nie ophou klop Because my heart is beating too fast
Kannie hoor wat jy wil se I can’t hear what you want to say
Ek sien my in jou arms le I see me lying in your arms
As jy diep in my oe kyk When you look deep into my eyes
En die prentjie so mooi lyk And the picture looks so perfect
Wens ek die tyd kan stop I wish time could stop


Vir my is Kersfees ‘n tyd vir refleksie, ‘n tyd vir geboorte (meer as ‘n Nuwe Jaar), ‘n tyd vir saamwees en familie.  Hierdie jaar was moeilik, seker een van die moeilikstes in my lewe.  Dit was ‘n jaar van weer-gebore word as single, ‘n jaar waarin ek myself moes leer ken en vind, ‘n jaar van groei.  Dit is ook die jaar waarin ek 2 kleinkinders ryker geword het.  Geboorte

Ek kan nie help om in hierdie tyd te wonder of dinge anders sou gewees het nie.  Die “As ek maar liewer…” vrae te vra nie, maar dan besef ek net weer dat alles uiteindelik gebeur soos dit moet.  Die mens wik, maar God beskik.

Met groot dankbaarheid in my hart, kan ek hierdie Feestyd ingaan en regtig fees vier.  Fees vier oor my kinders, wat oulik uitgedraai het ten spyte van my.  Fees vier oor 2 gesonde, pragtige dogtertjie-babas se eerste Kersfees.  Fees vier oor die onverwagse liefde wat ek gevind het.  Fees vier oor die werk wat ek nog het (al is ek partykeer verbaas hulle betaal my nog, na die jaar se onproduktiwiteit).  Fees vier oor gesondheid.  Fees vier oor die grootse Geskenk aan ons gegee en dat Hy my geskenk ook is.

En dan luister ek weer na my gusteling – Laurika, natuurlik Somer Kersfees, maar hierdie een van haar laat my dink aan die pyn van grootword, maar ook die suiwer genot van grootword.  Kersfees, ‘n tyd om te dink, ‘n tyd om te droom, ‘n tyd om dankie te sê

Om die inskrywings van verskillende bloggers in Lê-Jou-Eier te geniet of om self ‘n eier te kom lê wat ons kan uitbroei en grootmaak, klik op die paddatjie of die InLinkz skakel net daaronder:

Vir die reëls van hierdie eier-boerdery, om raad te kry oor hoe om deel te neem en om elke week se aankondiging van die nuwe onderwerp te sien, besoek die volgende skakel by Dis Ekke. Onder hierdie kategorie, kyk na die blogposte Lê-Jou-Eier: Reëls (2017-08-22) en Lê-Jou-Eier: Hoe neem ek deel? (2017-08-22).